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Item #: C.2051.02
Availability: Call For Pricing - (413) 772-3170
Usually ships In 2 Weeks

    CAN-Ethernet Gateway

    CAN Gateway and Bridge Function

    • Host driver integrates the remote EtherCAN/2 gateway in the same way as a local CAN board
    • Two EtherCAN/2 gateways can be configured as autonomous CAN-to-CAN bridge via TCP/IP

    Well-proven esd Software Packages

    • Programming via the common esd NTCAN-API
    • Usage of esd's protocol stacks (CANopen®, J1939, etc.) and CAN tools (CAN SDK, CANreal, etc.)
    • Web interface for configuration and updates

    Support of Other Operating Systems and Connection of Siemens S7-300/400

    • Support of UDP based disclosed and documented Ethernet Low Level Socket Interface (ELLSI) protocol
    • Optional software package available to connect a Siemens S7-300/400 to CAN via UDP

    Drivers are available for Windows and Linux (see tables Software Support below). Please contact our Sales Team for detailed information about the driver availability for your operating system or if you need drivers for other operating systems.
    CAN driver availability for all esd CAN interfaces is listed here.

    The EtherCAN/2 is a gateway to transmit data between CAN and Ethernet. The module is designed for hat-rail mounting in a control enclosure as a backward compatible replacement for the EtherCAN gateway (C.2050.02). In Bridge Mode two EtherCAN/2 can be used to connect two CAN nets via TCP/IP.

    One Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbit/s, RJ45) and one CAN high speed (ISO 11898-2) compatible interface (20 kBit/s up to 1 Mbit/s) based on the CAN controller integrated in MCU.

    Configuration and Maintenance
    The gateway has a build-in HTTP server which allows Web based configuration and maintenance. Diagnostic events and messages during runtime can be optionally indicated using the syslog protocol or by sending an email. The gateway firmware can also be updated via the Web interface.

    Software Support
    Host drivers for Windows and Linux are available which integrate the CAN gateway as a virtual CAN device on the host, programmed via the common NTCAN-API available for all esd CAN adapter. This allows using all applications, CAN protocol stacks (CANopen, J1939, etc.) and tools (CAN SDK, CANreal, etc.) available for the host platform. In addition the gateway supports the UDP based disclosed and documented Ethernet Low Level Socket Interface (ELLSI) protocol for host platforms which are currently not covered with a dedicated driver.

    Compared to the EtherCAN gateway the following technical improvements are implemented:
    • Increased I/O performance
    • Improved diagnostics via the Web interface (e.g. CAN bus diagnostics)
    • Improved usage of the NTCAN-API (e.g. hardware timestamps)
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support
    • Create CAN-to-CAN bridge with two gateways

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