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VME Carrier Board for PMC Modules


Item #: V.1911.xx
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    VME-Carrier Board for PMC Modules

    Easy Expansion of VMEbus Systems

    • Add up to 2 PMC boards to your system
    • Connect to the field with P2-IO
    • Insert 2 single or 1 double size PMC modules
    • Use options for P2 pin assignment and 3.3 V supply.

    High Bandwidth Connection between VME and PCI

    • Powerful VME-PCI Bridge UNIVERSE CA91C142
    • 4 level VME arbiter and address space up to A32/D32
    • VME64 extension connector
    • Master and slave capability.

    Reliable design – easy to handle and cost effective

    • Design for low power consumption and easy cooling
    • Approved in many industrial applications
    • Standard interfaces and form factors according to IEEE P1386 and IEEE 1014
    • Software libraries available.

    VME-PCI Link

    The VMEbus unit PMC-CADDY is a VME64 base unit that can carry up to two PMC modules of normal size or one module of double size. For the VMEbus connection, the VME-PCI Bridge UNIVERSE CA91C142 by Tundra With an internal clock rate of 33 MHz is used.

    VMEbus Interface

    The CA91C142 interface can operate either as either slave or as Master on the VMEbus. If the board operates as master, it supports a 4-level arbiter. The PMC-CADDY operates with a data width of up to 32 bits and with 32 address signals on the VMEbus. You can apply the VMEbus interrupt to any of the seven interrupt-request lines. The board connects to the VMEbus by two 160-pin VG-connectors according to IEC603-xx on VME64 extensions. A red LED shows an active VMEbus-interrupt request in the front panel and a yellow LED shows a VMEbus access onto the board.

    PMC Plug-In Units

    Draft standard IEEE P1386/Draft 2.0 is the standard used for both PMC plug-in units' design except for the standard I/O pin routing. This design makes it possible to insert any PMC modules on the market. In addition to the connectors for the PMC address/ data and control signals, every plug-in unit of the PMC-CADDY has an I/O-connector that applies the I/O signals of the PMC modules to VMEbus connector P2. Two different P2 pin assignments are available: In the standard configuration, each P2-pin connects to one I/O-pin of the PMC modules (acc. to PMC-Update of FORCE ™, Table 1, Author: Wayne Fischer, Director of Strategic Programs CMC/PMC Working Groups Chair, 22.10.96). In the option -32P, the pin assignment is acc. to IEEE P1386/Draft 2.0, Table 6-3. This pin assignment offers to connect the two PMC-modules via P2, because several PMC-I/O-signals short at P2.

    Front Panel

    The front panel of the PMC-CADDY has two holes for the front panels of the PMC modules. A blank cover for free plug-in units is included in the price.


    Example libraries for the initialization of the board in C Source Code for VxWorks and OS-9 are available for a fee on a disk (MSDOS format). Drivers for further operating systems are available on request. Please state your operating system with the version number when you order.

    Technical Specifications:


    VMEbus access:

    Master or slave function, A32, A24, A16; D8, D16, D32

    Base address:

    Selectable via coding switch (no geographical addressing)

    Address modifier:

    Standard supervisory and non-privileged data access, extended supervisory and non-privileged data access, short supervisory and non-privileged access

    VMEbus standard:

    IEEE 1014 Rev. D

    VMEbus connector:

    160-pole VG connector (IEC 603-xx), acc. to VME64 extension standard


    VMEbus interrupt - red LED

    VMEbus access - yellow LED

    PMC slots:


    IEEE P1386 / draft 2.0


    Two single size or one double size module

    VME PCI Bridge:

    UNIVERSE CA91C142, configuration via coding switches

    Voltage level:

    3.3 V or 5 V (signal level)



    0...50 ºC (Order no.: V.1911.01, V.1911.11, V.1911.10)

    -40...+75ºC (Order no. V.1911.02 )


    Max. 90 %, non-condensing

    Connector types:

    P1, P2: VMEbus (IEC 603-xx, 160 pins)

    J11, J12, J21, J22: PMC address/data

    J14, J24: PMC I/O signals

    Board size:

    160 mm x 233 mm

    VME dimensions:

    6 U height, 4 HP width

    Order information:



    Order no.


    VMEbus base board for two single PMC modules, P2-pin assignment acc. to PMC-Update from 22.10.96 (no interconnection between PMC-modules)



    as V.1911.01, but for extended temperature range: -40...+75 ºC



    VMEbus base board for two 32P2 single PMC modules, P2-pin assignment acc. to IEEE P1386/ Draft 2.0, Table 6-3 (interconnection between 16 pins of the PMC-modules), extended temperature range on request



    3.3V power supply directly connected to VMEbus 3.3V, not generated from 5V supply, extended temperature range on request


    VME-PMC-CADDY OS-9 library

    OS-9 LIB (68K and Power PC systems)



    VxWorks library




    VME-Carrier Board for PMC Modules

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