Fieldbus Conference 2009


October 8, 2009

Warren Conference Center

Ashland, MA



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Welcome to the 2nd annual Fieldbus Conference! We invite you to accept our invitation to join us as our guest for a one-day conference at the beautiful Warren Conference Center near Boston, MA on October 8, 2009.



Industrial Ethernet technologies are a formidable challenge to CAN and CANopen as the low-cost industrial networking technology of choice. These technologies will eventually replace the majority of CANopen applications, at least in regards to new developments. The challenge that the industry, including esd electronics, Inc. and its customers, is facing is the smooth transition from established CAN/CANopen applications into Ethernet. Another challenge is the decision between the more than twenty different Ethernet networking technologies. We at esd electronics have made the decision to focus on EtherCAT. The presentations during our "Fieldbus Conference" will elaborate on the future of CAN and CANopen in the North American market, the need for newer fieldbus technologies, followed by a seminar on EtherCAT basics. To round out the day, there will be a presentation on the practical aspects of Ethernet installations and the real-life lessons learned.