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PMC-CAN/266: Passive 66 MHz-PMC-CAN Interface
Item #: C.2040.xx - PMC-CAN interface with 1 or 2 CAN Channel, PCI 2.2 interface PMC-CAN/266 Passive 66 MHz-PMC-CAN Interface Powerful PMC-CAN Interface Works at 66 MHz PCI and 33 MHz PCI CAN controller SJA1000, CAN 2.0A/B CAN interfaces electrically isolated and designed...
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    PMC - CAN/331 Interface
    Item #: C.2025.xx - PMC-CAN interface with 1 CAN channel, microcontroller 68331 for local data management, 3.3 V signal voltage version available PMC–CAN/331 Intelligent PMC-CAN-Interface PMC module with one or two independent CAN nets Microcontroller 68331 for local data management CAN controller SJA1000 (CAN2.0A/B) CAN interfaces...
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      PMC - CAN400-4
      Item #: C.2047.xx - PMC-CAN/400-4 - 4x CAN, 1x IRIG-B, ARINC 825 firmware, standard cooling 4x CAN: Layer 2, CANopen®, J1939 or ARINC 825, optional IRIG-B PMC Board with FPGA for 4x CAN via DSUB25 4 High-Speed CAN interfaces acc. to ISO 11898-2Bus mastering and local data management by...
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        PMC - CPU440
        Item #: V.2027.xx - PowerPC PrPMC Module with Gigabit Ethernet, USB and CAN Not recommended for new design PMC-CPU/440 PowerPC™ PrPMC Module w/Gigabit Ethernet, USB & CAN PowerPC™ AMCC PPC440EPx 2x 1000 BaseT Ethernet 2…4x CAN interface, TTL level signals 1x RS-232 access...
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          Item #: V.2088.01 - Not recommended for new designs PMC-ETH2/GB-RJ45   1000BaseT Ethernet PMC Module Dual 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Full duplex operation Automatic speed configuration 33/66 MHz PCI...
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            PMC – DVI: DVI-Graphics Board
            Item #: V.2022.02 - PMC – DVI DVI-Graphics Board Not recommended for new designs.   Graphic adapter board Resolution up to 1600x1200x16 bits per pixel 69030 graphic controller 4 Mbyte on-chip high performance...
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              VME PMC CADDY
              Item #: V.1911.xx - VME-PMC-CADDY VME-Carrier Board for PMC Modules Easy Expansion of VMEbus Systems Add up to 2 PMC boards to your system Connect to the field with P2-IO Insert 2 single or 1 double size PMC modules...
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