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ECS-XMC/FPGA Industrial Ethernet, EtherCAT Technology Group, Industrial Automation, Industrial Control, Motion Control, XMC INterface, PMC Interface, EtherCAT Master, EtrherCAT Slave
Item #: E.1102.02 - Convert your XMC System into an EtherCAT Slave Device Convert your XMC System into an EtherCAT Slave DeviceAdd EtherCAT Slave (ECS) functionality to your XMC equipped base boardThe EtherCAT Slave Controller address space is directly mapped to the PCI...
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    PMC-CAN/266: Passive 66 MHz-PMC-CAN Interface
    Item #: C.2040.xx - PMC-CAN interface with 1 or 2 CAN Channel, PCI 2.2 interface PMC-CAN/266 Passive 66 MHz-PMC-CAN Interface Powerful PMC-CAN Interface Works at 66 MHz PCI and 33 MHz PCI CAN controller SJA1000, CAN 2.0A/B CAN interfaces electrically isolated and designed...
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      PMC - CAN/331 Interface
      Item #: C.2025.xx - PMC-CAN interface with 1 CAN channel, microcontroller 68331 for local data management, 3.3 V signal voltage version available PMC – CAN/331 Intelligent PMC-CAN-Interface PMC module with one or two independent CAN nets Microcontroller 68331 for local data management CAN controller SJA1000 (CAN2.0A/B) CAN interfaces...
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        PMC - CAN400-4
        Item #: C.2047.xx - PMC-CAN/400-4 - 4x CAN, 1x IRIG-B, ARINC 825 firmware, standard cooling PMC-CAN/400-4 4x CAN with ARINC Protocol + IRIG-B   4x CAN ISO 11898 ARINC 825 protocol available IRIG-B input 33/66 MHz PCI interface Conduction cooled version available   PMC CAN...
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          Item #: V.2020.xx - PMC-CAN interface with 2 TTL-level CAN, Power PC 405, 266 MHz PMC-CPU/405 PowerPCTM PrPMC Module with Ethernet and CAN PowerPC AMCC PPC 405GPr, 400 MHz, 32 bit Ethernet IEEE 802.3, 100BASE-TX, 10/100 Mbit/s 2x CAN interfaces, TTL-level signals via PMC-I/O...
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            PMC - CPU440
            Item #: V.2027.xx - PowerPC PrPMC Module with Gigabit Ethernet, USB and CAN PMC-CPU/440 PowerPC™ PrPMC Module w/Gigabit Ethernet, USB & CAN PowerPC™ AMCC PPC440EPx 2x 1000 BaseT Ethernet 2…4x CAN interface, TTL level signals 1x RS-232 access via PMC – I/O connector 1x...
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              PMC-ETH2/GB-RJ45 Ethernet, PMC, PCI, Intel 82546GB, IEEE802.3, 1000BaseT, QNX Ethernet, Linux Ethernet, Windows NT, esd electronics,
              Item #: V.2088.01 - PMC target board in single PCI Mezzanine Card size PMC-ETH2/GB-RJ45   1000BaseT Ethernet PMC Module Dual 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Full duplex operation Automatic speed configuration 33/66 MHz PCI bus speed Runs with standard...
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                PMC – DVI: DVI-Graphics Board
                Item #: V.2022.02 - PMC-DVI graphic adapter board PMC – DVI DVI-Graphics Board Not recommended for new designs.   Graphic adapter board Resolution up to 1600x1200x16 bits per pixel 69030 graphic controller 4 Mbyte on-chip high performance...
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                  VME PMC CADDY
                  Item #: V.1911.xx - VMEbus base board for two single PMC modules VME-PMC-CADDY VME-Carrier Board for PMC ModulesEasy Expansion of VMEbus Systems Add up to 2 PMC boards to your system Connect to the field with P2-IO Insert 2 single or 1 double size PMC modules Use...
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