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CPCI-PS24 Low profile 120 W DC/DC Converter for CompactPCI
Item #: I.2301.05 - Low Profile 120W DC/DC Converter for CompactPCI CPCI-PS24 - Low Profile 120W DC/DC Converter for CompactPCI CompactPCI Power Supply Input: 24V / 120W Output: 3.3V / 15A and 5.0V / 10A DIN 41612 Type H Connector CE Compliance High Noise Immunity...
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    Item #: I.1401.xx - Intel® Core™ i7-3xxx Processor Card for CompactPCI® Serial Systems Features SC1-280D-ALLEGRO: Core™ i7-3517UE 1.70 GHz DC 17 W TPD, 4 MB LLC, 2x Mini Display Port (Order no.: I.1401.01)...
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      CompactPCI - CPU750
      Item #: I.2402.xx - CompactPCI Host Adapter Power PC w/Ethernet and CAN The product has reached end-of-life statusCPCI-CPU/750 CompactPCI PowerPC with Ethernet & CAN PowerPC IBM 750FX with up to 1850 DMIPS Giga ETHERNET 10/100/1000 Base T CAN & RS-232 interfaces CAN...
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        CPCI-405: CompactPCI PowerPC with ETHERNET & CAN
        Item #: I.2306.xx - Host CPUs with PowerPC 405 or Motorola 5200, Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, serial I/O CPCI-405 CompactPCI PowerPC with ETHERNET and CAN PowerPC IBM 405GP®, up to 608 MIPS, 200/233/266/400 MHz CompactPCI Host Adapter 10/100 BaseT Ethernet 1x CAN interface, ISO11898, 1 Mbit/s,...
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          Item #: C.2027.xx - CompactPCI-CAN interface with 1 CAN channel, microcontroller 68331 for local data management CPCI-CAN/331 Intelligent CompactPCI-CAN-Interface Interface from CompactPCI to one or two independent CAN net(s) 3 HE board with microcontroller 68331 on board CAN controller SJA 1000, CAN 2.0 A/B...
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            CPCI CAN 200 1
            Item #: C.2035.xx - CompactPCI-CAN interface with 1 or 2 CAN channel, passive CAN module CPCI-CAN/200 Passive CompactPCI-CAN-Interface CAN interface opto-isolated, designed acc. to ISO 11898, bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s Low cost CompactPCI-CAN interface with 1 or 2 CAN Channels3 U board...
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              CompactPCI® Graphic Card with Silicon Motion SM502 GPU
              Item #: I.2311.04 - CompactPCI® Graphic Card with Silicon Motion SM502 GPU CPCI-DVI/2CompactPCI® Graphic Card with Silicon Motion SM502 GPUDVI-I, Serial and USB Interface 1x DVI-I connector including RGB-analog Graphics processing unit SM502 Front-side 1x...
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                Item #: I.2318.xx - CPCI-HD/2 is a CompactPCI board in 3 U form factor (4 HP) equipped with the SATA-Controller Sil3114 supporting four SATA-channels CPCI-HD/2 HD-Drive, CompactFlash and 2 SATA Interfaces Single slot 3 U On-board hard disk CompactFlash-card slot in front panel CompactFlash hot-plug capable Two Serial ATA interfaces for external...
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                  CPCI-ETH2/ -FX/ -MX
                  Item #: I.2321.xx - CompactPCI board w/Intel dual port Gigabit Ethernet controller. CPCI-ETH2 /-FX/-MX 1000BaseT-Ethernet and/or 1000BaseT-SX FibreOptic Dual 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet, dual FibreOptic or mixed BaseT/FibreOptic Standard ETHERNET driver The interfaces conform to...
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                    CompactPCI ASI04
                    Item #: I.2307.02 - CPCI-ASI04 is a CompactPCI board in Euro form factor with four serial interfaces CPCI-ASIO4 4 Serial Interfaces RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTY Opto-isolated Support for Linux, VxWorks, Windows XP and QNX6 Opto-Isolated Serial InterfacesThe module CPCI-ASIO4 is a CompactPCI board...
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                      CPCI CPU 5200
                      Item #: I.2404.02 - Host CPUs with PowerPC NXP MPC5121e, Ethernet, Giga Ethernet CPCI-CPU/5201 CompactPCI PowerPC with FPU, ETHERNET and CAN PowerPC NXP MPC5121e with FPU 10/100BaseT ETHERNET CAN & RS-232 interfaces CompactFlash slot on-board Low power consumption Not...
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                        Item #: I.2310.02 - CPCI-HD is a CompactPCI board in Single Euro format equipped with the IDE-Controller HPT370A that supports two IDE channels. CPCI-HD On-Board HD-Drive and CompactFlash Slot Single slot 3 HE, 4 TE On-board IDE hard disk CompactFlash card slot in front panel (type I) Access to CompactFlash card in 'True IDE' mode Also...
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