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AMC-CAN4 4 Channel AMC CAN Module
AMC-CAN4 4 Channel AMC CAN Module


Item #: U.1002.01
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    4 Channel AMC CAN Module

    Under Development - Available Q1 2012

    • Cost effective: 4 channels on board
    • High performance: Local data management by FPGA and bus mastering
    • Wide software support: Drivers for Windows, Linux, QNX and other operating systems

    AMC CAN Interfaces

    The AMC-CAN4 features four CAN High-Speed interfaces according to ISO 11898-2. The CAN interfaces are electrically isolated against the controller potential and against each other. CAN status is displayed by two LEDs for each CAN channel placed at the RJ45 connectors.

    CAN Data Management

    The four independent CAN nets according to ISO 11898-1 are driven by the esd Advanced CAN Core (esdACC) CAN controller implemented in the Xilinx Spartan 3e FPGA.

    Controlled by the FPGA the AMC-CAN4 supports PCI bus mastering as an initiator, meaning that it is capable of initiating write cycles to the host CPU’s RAM independent of the CPU or the system DMA controller. This results in a reduction of overall latency on servicing I/O transactions in particular at higher data rates.

    Software Support

    CAN layer 2 (CAN-API) software drivers are available for Windows, RTX, VxWorks*, QNX* and Linux* supporting up to 24 CAN nets. Drivers for other operating systems are available on request.

    The CANopen® software package is available for Windows, VxWorks*, RTX*, QNX* and Linux*. The J1939 software package is available for Windows, VxWorks*, QNX* and Linux*.

    Technical Specifications:

    MicroTCATM/AMC® standards:


    PICMG® MTCA.0 R1.0, PICMG® AMC.0 R2.0


     IPMI V1.5, controller Atmel® AVR


     PICMG® HPM.1 R1.0

    PCIe bridge:

     PCISIG® PCIe spec. R.1.0a

    CAN interfaces:

    CAN controller:

     esdACC in FPGA Spartan® 3e, acc. to ISO 11898-1 (CAN 2.0 A/B)

    Physical interface:

     4x CAN high-speed interface acc. to ISO 11898-2, electrically isolated, bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s

    CAN connector:

     4x RJ45, pin assignment acc. to CiA DR303-1

    General :


    mid-height, single-width (73.5 x 180 mm) AMC

    Ambient temp.:

     0 ...+70 /C (free convection)


     max. 90 %, non-condensing

    Power supply:

     3.3 V (I3.3VMPMAX= 70 mA), 12 V (I12VTYPICAL = 0.4 A, I12VMAX= 0.5 A)


    J1: AMC B/B+ compatible (MicroTCATM)


    blue (hot plug), red (IPMI), green (OK), 4x yellow and 4x green (CAN status)

    Order information:



    Order no.


    4x CAN interface, acc to ISO11898-2


    AMC-CAN-RJ45-DSUB9 cable

    Adapter cable RJ45 male to 9-pin DSUB male connector, length 1.5 m



    Object license for Windows and Linux incl. CD-ROM


    Driven by esdACC (Advanced CAN Core)

    Basic Product Features

    • CAN ISO 11898-1 protocol compatibility
    • 11-Bit and 29-Bit CAN IDs
    • Bitrates from 10kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s supported
    • Receive buffer (64 CAN messages *)
    • Complete access to CAN error counters
    • Programmable error warning limit
    • Error code capture register
    • Error interrupt for each CAN bus error
    • Arbitration lost interrupt with detailed bit position
    • Single-shot transmission (no re-transmission)
    • Listen only mode (no acknowledge, no active error flags)
    • Automatic bitrate detection (software supported bit rate detection)
    • Acceptance filter (4-byte code, 4-byte mask)
    • Self reception mode (Reception of ‘own’ messages)

    Superior esdACC Features:

    • Operating system independently programmable via esd's NTCAN-API
    • 32-Bit register interface optimized for CAN needs
      • Easy to program
      • Transmission and reception of CAN frames with a minimum of register accesses
    • RX and TX timestamping (64-Bit wide, bit accurate, resolution may vary with input TX FIFO (8 CAN frames deep *)
      • Providing the means to generate 100% busload even with non-realtime operating systems
      • Providing the means for real back-to-back transmission
    • Reactive and frame accurate abortion of transmissions
      • e.g. for driver timeouts
      • ISO11898-1 conformant
      • Aborted frames in FIFO won't be blocked by low priority TX
    • Hardware timer to provide accurate software timeouts beyond operating system accuracy
    • Bus mastering in RX direction takes the load off host CPU (needs bus master capable local bus to host interface)
    • Optional integration with 32-Bit microcontroller to further relieve host CPU
    • Using FPGA technology provides the option to tailor any feature to any customer's needs, including optional integration with customer's FPGA content

    *Note: Buffer sizes might vary to customer's needs.

    Driver Availability:

    • Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX

    Available higher level protocols:

    • CANopen, ARINC825, J1939
    • For further information on the esdACC IP Core please contact our sales team.


    4 Channel AMC CAN Module

    Under Development - Available Q1 2012

    • Cost effective: 4 channels onboard
    • High performance: local data management by FPGA and bus mastering
    • Wide software support: drivers for Windows, Linux, QNX and other operating systems

    Download AMC-CAN 4 Datasheet(PDF File)
    Download AMC-CAN4 Product Manual (PDF File)

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